Jul 7, 2009

Life is a balance - By Shamsher Singh Puri

Shamer Singh Puri Uncle sent these nice points in an email today

To be effective and successful, you have to balance between the following
1. Respect other’s opinions but differ with them when required.
2. Agree to disagree.
3. Be assertive without being dominating / submissive.
4. Communicate an unfavorable truth – pleasantly and positively.
5. Develop personal habits, and likes but adjust/co-exist with that of others.
6. Empathize not sympathize.
7. Courageously speak out your feelings but empathetically understand those of others.
8. Maintain individuality but respect other’s opinions.
9. Be tactful but do not manipulate.
10. Be concerned over matters not worried.
11. Make credits into the emotional bank account of others without the objective of withdrawing from it.
12. Develop abundant mentality and avoid scarce mentality.
13. Commit mistakes and learn from each mistake.
14. Act, do not react (Be proactive and not reactive).
15. Appreciate, do not flatter.
16. Discuss, do not argue.
17. Consider other’s criticism / appreciation but do not get guided by it.
18. Develop liking to those who dislike you.
19. Synergize, need not compromise.
20. Develop patience, but not procrastinate.
21. Respect other’s time but do not allow others to waste yours.
22. Understand others before being understood.
23. Compromise on modalities, techniques not on principles and values.
24. Win and let others win too.
25. Maintain commitments but do not commit what you cannot maintain.
26. Develop intrapersonal relationship before establishing it. (Interpersonal relationship).
27. Dedicate yourself to profession but without ignoring family and self development.
28. Be task oriented without relations getting affected.
29. Listen to others and make others to listen to you as well.
30. Develop honesty but ensure that others do not exploit it.
31. Have personal touch with people without compromising on safe distance which is professionally needed.
32. Socialize but spend time on yourself.
33. Make the other person feel important without understanding your importance.
34. Reveal yourself to others but to the trustworthy others.
35. Win the hearts of people not only the minds.
36. Work smart not necessarily hard.
37. Delegate work not responsibility.
38. Use personal influence to get jobs done but do not hesitate to use personal power when needed.
39. Be an exemplary leader and effective follower.
40. Believe in destiny without undermining human efforts.

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