Jan 16, 2008

Childhood:The Care-Free Season

The Childhood Season

I want to jump I want to fly
High, up in the sky
No tension No worries
No rush No hurries
who is worried of stocks or pound
who cares earth is square or round
Rain or Shine we will play
eat chocolates, forget tooth decay
studies, school, homework ?
these things, will make you jerk
Spiderman is my latest hero
Don't bother me he will make you zero
pizza, ice-cream, coke please
everything digested with utmost ease
All are friends, so close and dear
I have no foes, I don't fear
If you choose, the season will forever stay
all your life it won't betray

Jan 9, 2008

Here come's another

In the gushing flow of social networking websites, here comes another one. started by a bunch of "geeks". Similar to the boom of e-commerce sites in around 1999, this seems to me mini boom of social networking websites.

A few things about pownce

1. They have a desktop version developed in Adobe AIR. Coming to think of it do I really need a desktop version of a social networking website? Anyways the desktop version did not work for me but it at least gives Adobe another proof of concept for their AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) framework.
2. It charges you 20$ for a pro account and with a pro account you can design your own custom theme, ad-free, send more files (i can use my gmail account to do that) Huhh ??
3. You can create links of other profiles like orkut, facebook, myspace, 43things, etc and they are visible on your pownce profile.
4. You can create events and inform your friends about it. They appear as a separate note(s) on your profile (your profile is combination of profile and your scrabook (orkut) / wall (facebook) )so when someone hits your profile he can notice all the notes. Between these notes there will be advertisements which will help pownce to run till the mini-boom lasts :-). I think the interesting thing here would be if some share of the ad revenue is shared with the person who helps generate the revenue with his/her notes.
6. They say that everything is developed to solve a problem, so what problem is Pownce trying to solve? According to pownce folks.

Pownce is brought to you by a bunch of geeks who were frustrated trying to send stuff from one cube to another.

This definitely sounds to me the most unresolved problem of IT and yes now the desktop version of the Pownce is some what justified so that i can drag and drop files, etc

5. Right now it is available only through invites. So if you need one, let me know. I have 6 invites pending :-) (reminds me of the early gmail days when we went around asking everyone for gmail invitation)

Good luck Pownce !