Jun 29, 2007

crazy kiya re

Last 20 days , in my RSS reader every 2 out of 10 news items would be of iPhone, the other day someone in AT&T asked me "are you working on iphone ?" I smiled back and said to myself "yea my 5 lines of code change are going to be a part of it",
So finally the much hyped iphone launch was over today, the launch of a new industry I would say, iphone accessories are already out selling on ebay, people have started making money on the *iphone* domain names, people stood in the queue for others and made around 200-300 dollars. I was lucky to witness the launch in the apple store, north point mall, alpharetta.
There were folks who stood/slept/sat in the lane for the past 2 days so as to be the first few lucky iphone buyers. Looking at them I remembered those ration lanes or the railway reservation lanes of India, the major difference being that here you can't bribe the police vaala and fix your number in the queue. Anyways this is not the first time people have gone crazy over any electronic device launch, pretty much the same thing happened with the play station launch last year.

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