Oct 4, 2007

Still behind ?

Indian Ambassdor's Message

When everyone is driving on information superhighway the indian ambassador in his latest letter (informing about the outsourcing of visa process) invites for suggestions by means of postal mail or fax. Looks like email is still a naive entity for him.

Aug 24, 2007

Came across this comment at digg over this old NY pic. God damn hilarious !!!

"Please, trade in your car for a horse. Do you realize the environmental impact of the entire nation or world owning horses. They shit 9 tons of manure each year, that's about 50 pounds a day. You also have to stockpile their shit and you can't have it close to any water sources, so anyone living in rural areas with a well wouldn't have a place for that, if the water source comes near the stockpile, all local water sources will be contaminated. Then you have to worry about feeding your shitting horse, which requires approximately 25-30 pounds of dry food per day and we have to clear out significantly more land for farms to accomodate for our 300 million new horses (there are approximately 5.5 million horses in the United States) which in turn will destroy the environment and ecosystem as it is. Not only that, but your dumbass shitting horse can only go about 9 mph for 25 miles before having to break, it would take me over 3 hours to get to work which is 30 miles away from where I live instead of the 30 minutes it takes right now. So instead of an hour of driving every day, I'd have 6 hours of riding and 2 hours of shit stockpiling and 2 hours of feeding my shit factory. Not only this but I have to build an accomodation so it can shit all day, and buy a ridiculous amount of feed and have more land... but I guess I wouldn't care about money at this point since I spend 10 hours of my non-working day taking care of my crappy horse.We have technology for a reason and the environmental impact of 300 million horses, and 300 million horse pens and 2.7 billion tons of horse shit every year would be absurd... "

Jul 20, 2007

No gotcha company creates the biggest gotcha

Today morning I received an email saying the sun rocket service is shut down and i have 2 options to switch my service. Man I was just at loss of words.
SunRocket was the cheapest and the best VOIP service, Clark Howard was recommending it from many years. Even I experienced an excellent service, friendly website, very good customer reps, The recently updated their website to J2EE, with AJAX and provided tons of options.
Moreover all eyes were on Vonage because of the law suit on it and I was recommending people to switch to SunRocket :). Man, they just made a fool out of me.

Jun 29, 2007

crazy kiya re

Last 20 days , in my RSS reader every 2 out of 10 news items would be of iPhone, the other day someone in AT&T asked me "are you working on iphone ?" I smiled back and said to myself "yea my 5 lines of code change are going to be a part of it",
So finally the much hyped iphone launch was over today, the launch of a new industry I would say, iphone accessories are already out selling on ebay, people have started making money on the *iphone* domain names, people stood in the queue for others and made around 200-300 dollars. I was lucky to witness the launch in the apple store, north point mall, alpharetta.
There were folks who stood/slept/sat in the lane for the past 2 days so as to be the first few lucky iphone buyers. Looking at them I remembered those ration lanes or the railway reservation lanes of India, the major difference being that here you can't bribe the police vaala and fix your number in the queue. Anyways this is not the first time people have gone crazy over any electronic device launch, pretty much the same thing happened with the play station launch last year.

More pics at flickr