Jun 3, 2005

Carelessness, Inhumanity, Corruption

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One more incident of corruption, carelessness, inhumanity

India desires modernity; it desires computers, information technology, neural networks, video on demand, express highways but still when it comes to government services, corruption it has a long way to go to improve themselves. This is a narration of an accident which happened with my friend Prashant with his black indica.

Date: 01 June 2005
Time: 4.45 am (Raining mildly)
Venue: Expressway (Pune - Lonavla Exit- junction)

A confused truck driver takes the decision to make a left turn (towards lonavla exit) right at the junction, gets his truck to a complete stop and then takes a left turn, meanwhile the indica which is coming at a speed of around 45-50 kms/hr behind him crashes into the truck (quite obvious) and his front bumper gets stuck in the rear of the truck. The truck driver doesn't care about it and drags the car along with him until the effort is made by the indica drive to get the car to a compelete halt and get out of the clutches of the truck. The truck with a cool frame of mind goes ahead without any care or humanity.

Just then there is a spark observed in the front bumper of car and it catches fire. Everyone gets out of the car and stay at a distance watching the car catching flames. The police is being informed immediately and they come with firebrigade assistance only when the car is turned into ashes - the typical indian movie police is actually a reality.

India is progressing by leaps and bounds